Kennedy Residence

Kennedy Residence

2022 | Belgrade, Serbia

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The residential and commercial building at an attractive location in the centre of New Belgrade, The design of this residential and commercial building is based on the synergy of luxury architecture style and modern, spacious apartments, offering a special experience of cosmopolitan life. Kennedy Residence ensures maximum illumination of every room in the apartments through careful planning. The building is located in a densely populated area in the centre of New Belgrade, therefore special attention was paid to the construction of an underground garage for its residents. 

Tarkett parquet fit perfectly into the attractive space of the living area, which consists of a kitchen, a dining room, a living room and a terrace as a composite whole.

Tarkett parquet is 100% wooden flooring with multi-layer construction. It is produced in the most modern parquet factory in Bačka Palanka. More than a decade ago, Tarkett launched a new type of ready-made parquet in Serbia, which is delivered in ready-to-install planks made of different types of wood and with a wide selection of designs. Tarkett parquet can be installed immediately after being purchased, it may be installed by gluing or locking the planks.

Tarkett parquet is an excellent choice for easy maintenance. Regular cleaning will help it last longer and retain flawless appearance.

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Kennedy Residence, opted for Tarkett parquet when selecting the type of flooring in its housing units.

Designer/ Architect

Zabriskie Studio

Tarkett partner