Restaurant Posh

Restaurant Posh

2021 | Temisoara, Romania

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The owners of the Posh Restaurant, which is located in the historical part of Timișoara, decided to complement their facility interior with Tarkett LVT flooring, from iD Inspiration collection. 115 square metres of this flooring were installed. 

The selection of the pattern of concrete was not accidental, since the fact that this pattern matched the ceiling pattern certainly made the choice easier. Due to the combination with the greenery which is present throughout the restaurant, the entire ambience is more than pleasant to all its guests.

LVT flooring is the type of flooring which is ideal for commercial spaces applications, including restaurants. In addition to exceptional performance, Tarkett LVT flooring has an extraordinary design and a large number of patterns inspired by nature, as well as the latest design trends in the global flooring industry.

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Tarkett LVT flooring, from iD Inspiration collection, has been installed in the Posh Restaurant, located in the centre of the historical part of Timișoara.

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