Park Bridge Music Club

Park Bridge Music Club

2023 | Erevan, Armenia

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The Park Bridge club and restaurant is located in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan. The task was to choose the flooring which would fit in with other materials and which would visually create the effect of “movement” of the environment itself.

DESSO Axminster carpet flooring was the right choice to match the Park Bridge Club.

The restaurant area has a semicircular shape with a mezzanine amphitheatre, which is designed so that the selected customized pattern perfectly fits into the space in an interesting way, depending on the surface surrounding it. The dominant tinting dark blue background, combined with golden ochre and azure thin stripes, gives the impression of sea waves lapping against the Caribbean shoreline.

The Axminster weaving technology is known for its exceptional beauty, since the skill of creating complex and clear patterns outweighs the industry standard, and at the same time provides their durability.

Carpet flooring from DESSO Axminster collections are suitable for use in public areas, hallways and bedrooms, creating a luxurious look and feel. They are durable and suitable for high-frequency areas. They are specially designed to reduce noise levels and provide acoustic comfort.

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Park Bridge Music Club, from Armenia, is a concept based on celebrations, music, vibrations and rhythms, and its comfort has been completed by a luxurious DESSO Axminster carpet flooring.

Designer/ Architect

Mika Karsyan

Tarkett partner