Ohana Vet Veterinary Clinic

Ohana Vet Veterinary Clinic

2023 | Bucharest, Romania

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In the northern part of Bucharest, there is a veterinary clinic named Ohana Vet, committed to the pets’ health and wellness. Having its focus on prevention, improvement of quality of life and specialization in orthopaedic surgery, Ohana Vet Clinic provides superior services for dogs and cats. Aiming to improve routine procedures, Ohana Vet Clinic offers a wide range of pet products in order to guarantee a pleasant experience. Thanks to its Tarkett flooring from iQ Surface collection, which combines durability and aesthetics, the clinic provides a safe and comfortable space for all the pets visiting it.

iQ Surface is a homogeneous vinyl flooring with long-lasting performance, which is ideal not only as a type of flooring, but also as wall and furniture covering. It can withstand decades of constant use without compromising the appearance of the floor. The iQ Surface collection is the perfect choice for a busy veterinary clinic like this one.

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Take a look at how the Ohana Vet Veterinary Clinic, comprising an area of 150 square meters, is equipped with Tarkett flooring from the iQ Surface collection.

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