Nul Tien Office

Nul Tien Office

2022 | Belgrade, Serbia

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Nul Tien operates in a modern open space representing a combination of interior elements, pleasant atmosphere and spatial design standards thus providing optimal conditions for the employees’ life and work. The amazing and practical concept for each area is the result of the desire of the team of professionals leading the company to improve the quality of life of their employees and their working environment. 

Thanks to the help of experienced consultants, a new way of using materials, which includes the flooring having “climbed” onto the walls, has been invented so as to obtain better noise absorption. The atmosphere of the space provides privacy both to single users and teams, while simultaneously allowing people to socialize and recreate through exercise or dance. Nil Tien has been growing and developing through each of their employees by careful design of their premises. 

DESSO Essence Stripe carpet tiles are ideal for commercial areas. With its oriented pattern and stripes of different widths, as well as a palette of refreshing colours, the space gets a sense of juvenile playfulness. It can easily be combined with DESSO Essence Maze carpet tiles, which are known for their beautiful geometric patterns with 12 possible colour combinations. Random installation of tiles gives a powerful colour-blocking effect. 

A combination of carpet tiles with LVT flooring,  iD SQUARE collection, which is intended for heavy-traffic areas and whose main features are high resistance to wear, scratches and stains, easy care and minimal maintenance, will make every space ideal for the employees’ work.


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See how Nul Tien, from Belgrade, equipped its business premises by installing Tarkett carpet tiles, from DESSO Essence Maze and Essence Stripe collections, and LVT flooring, from iD SQUARE collection.

Designer/ Architect

Marijana Borović i Nevena Spirić

Tarkett partner

Studio M; Opreming doo