Tarkett reveals the creative potential of the new iD inspiration with an immersive installation created by Studio 5•5 at Atelier Tarkett

Tarkett reveals the creative potential of the new iD inspiration with an immersive installation created by Studio 5•5 at Atelier Tarkett

17th May 2021

Anticipating global trends and diverse cultural needs or expectations is a challenge that drives Tarkett, which devotes considerable time and effort researching the way people use spaces. Over the past few years, Tarkett has turned to revealing the full potential and beauty of its products and materials to a broader and new audience through a series of immersive and narrative-led installations and collaborations with external designers.

“Our ambition is to highlight the essential role flooring plays when creating feel-good interiors and show its creative potential through audacious and visionary projects,” explains Florian Bougault, Tarkett EMEA’s Art Director. "For our customers, sometimes this means stepping out of their comfort zone, but the new perspective is welcome. We love it when our materials are used in unexpected ways,” he adds. “For us it’s about sparking the imagination of architects and designers and showing them what’s possible.”

For the launch of iD Inspiration, Tarkett’s new ultra-realistic modular vinyl collection, the company naturally turned to Studio 5•5, a Paris-based global design collective, to get their creative perspectives on the new collection and use the space of Atelier in Paris to put it in the spotlight. The newly launched iD Inspiration sets an unprecedented milestone in the design of modular vinyl collections. Thanks to its ultra-realistic look and feel, the collection redefines authenticity by capturing the beauty of nature. 

Elaborately designed to make the flooring creation process easy, iD Inspiration comprises 100 decors and 7 formats, available in glue-down or with a click system on selected designs, to allow agile transformations of space. Combining the design finesse of high definition printing with an ultra-matt effect and exceptional resistance and durability provided by Tarkett’s breakthrough PU technology TEKTANIUM™, with iD Inspiration you can have it all.

Anthony Lebossé, co-founder of 5•5, explains: “For 5•5, the new collection is more than just a new palette, as by reaching new heights in ultra-realism, it offers a lifelike alternative to raw materials. iD Inspiration creates infinite possibilities: a marquetry of marble and breccia, terrazzo and oxidized metal and gradients of wood, offering a plethora of choices and combinations that bring nature and the outdoors inside. Imagine a hotel with wooden vinyl tinged with green to match a custom-made terrazzo, a cave-like concept store, a forest in a university and so much more. ”

This collaboration between Tarkett and 5•5 builds on previous projects. In 2017, Tarkett collaborated with 5•5 to create the Atelier Tarkett, a totally unique hub dedicated to architects and designers at the very heart of Paris. As a space for exchange and co-creation, a source of inspiration, discovery and creativity, it provides an ideal destination for architects, designers and their clients. Later on, Tarkett also collaborated with the design studio for its 2019 inspirational PLAY book, giving the design studio the freedom to create a showroom... on paper!

For Tarkett, design is about unlocking the dizzying creative and sustainable potential of surfaces, and in turn allowing clients to create spaces that are one-of-a-kind, beautiful and inspiring.