MAT Amzei Restaurant

MAT Amzei Restaurant

2023 | Bucharest, Romania

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MAT Amzei Restaurant is a small place, committed to providing an authentic Mexican gastronomic experience to its guests, and ideal for relaxing and enjoying food with your family and friends.  The restaurant offers exclusively Mexican food, made from locally sourced ingredients. For taco lovers, this intimate restaurant offers a chance to feel as if you have stepped into Mexico.

The restaurant design itself is inspired by Mexican culture. The ambience is warm and pleasant, with a capacity of about 30 people. Enjoy its premium food while stepping on Tarkett flooring. The installed flooring and wall covering collections additionally contribute to the unique atmosphere and steady strides in the restaurant. 

     -    iQ Surface – flooring that provides every designer or architect with a multitude of solutions. Bright red accented tones are ideal for designers of hospitality and retail facilities as they inspire them to design the most creative applications.

     -    iQ One – is a new generation of durable homogeneous flooring. It provides the perfect balance between aesthetics, flexibility and functionality. It is extremely durable and highly resistant to wear, stains and damage, excellent for all heavy traffic areas.

     -    Wallgard – wall coverings are the perfect solution for rooms where hygiene is a top priority. Wallgard wall coverings, with its functional and attractive in design, are available in 13 soft pastel tones.

     -    Safetred Universal – anti-slip flooring solution for all areas where there is a risk of slipping or falling. The anti-slip surface provides a high level of protection, while the additional surface reinforcement provides protection against stains and facilitates floor maintenance.


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Discover the new ambience of the MAT Amzei restaurant with Tarkett flooring and wall coverings contributing to the authentic Mexican atmosphere in Bucharest.

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