Guliver Pediatric office

Guliver Pediatric office

2020 | Belgrade, Serbia

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A key concept in the interior design of the Guliver Pediatric office is the forest. The idea was to draw children’s attention using the cartoon characters from the forest so that they can relax and forget about the fear of visiting a doctor’s office. 

During the design phase, the main challenge for the well-known architect Sonja Brstina was how to fit two offices, a reception desk, a mini kitchen and a waiting room with a playroom for children into an area of 43 square metres. The final result was a very nicely decorated and practically designed office, which is visited with pleasure not only by children, but also by adults. 

Tarkett LVT, iD Mixonomi and iD Inspiration 55 collections have been selected as the flooring, and they perfectly fit into the whole story by matching their panels in 2 sizes and colors. 

The iD Mixonomi collection is specially designed for architects and designers as it enables them to express their creativity and shape their unique flooring creations. Its range includes 11 different shapes and 34 colors to play with. 

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You can see in the pictures attached to this text how Tarkett LVT flooring, from iD Mixonomi and iD Inspiration 55 collections, fit into the creatively designed interior of the Pediatric office.

Designer/ Architect

Sonja Brstina