Using good materials in flooring

Good materials

Don’t just believe what we say. Believe what we prove.

Claiming to use ‘good materials’ is one thing. Proving you do is another. At Tarkett, we demand to know every detail about the materials we use, so we can be totally honest with you. It’s why we’re obsessed with the health and sustainability standards of Cradle to Cradle® - a methodology that guides our good material choices. And even then, we’re always on the hunt for something even better. Complete transparency from us, peace of mind for you.

Making conscious choices. For people and planet.
Tarkett Human-Conscious DesignTM.


Giving our customers phthalate-free peace of mind.

Cradle to CradleTM certifications

Our Cradle to Cradle® business principles and product certifications.

Radical transparency

Telling you every last detail about our materials.