EFT Trade

EFT Trade

2021 | Beograd, Serbia

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EFT Trade DOO belongs to the EFT Group, which is a leading player in electricity trade and investments in Central and South-Eastern Europe. The main business activity of the company is consulting services, and it also deals with electricity trade and development of sustainable electricity production throughout the Balkans.

The open workspace offers the opportunity of creating an ecosystem of interconnected zones and segments, and the spectacularly combined DESSO Harvest carpet tiles precisely indicate the purpose of each area. Design flexibility offers interesting transitions between different areas.

DESSO carpet tiles are a type of flooring whose primary distinguishing feature is modularity. They come in a square shape, and this is the reason why they are an excellent flooring solution for business and public buildings. The advantages resulting from the very structure of the product, as well as innovative designs and a wide range of fresh colour ranges, are perfectly combined with other Tarkett products in order to create striking and practical concepts for every area.

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You can see how EFT Trade DOO, from Belgrade, fitted the interior of its work environment with DESSO carpet tiles.

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