Change the game! Introducing the new LVT flooring ModularT 7

Change the game! Introducing the new LVT flooring ModularT 7

Design for excellence

The ModularT 7 LVT collection has been developed based on the latest trend researches in ceramics and wood flooring. The collection design is suitable for modern architecture – for those who love simplicity and uniqueness, while paying attention to detail. 

ModularT 7 opens the way for combining different patterns, textures, colours and formats of 50x50cm boards or 120x20cm boards. The carefully designed patterns in 22 colours are inspired by wood and concrete.

10 Reasons to choose ModularT 7:

1.    Design suitable for modern architecture – wood and concrete patterns.

2.    Excellent solution for commercial areas. Hard-wearing and durable flooring suitable for heavy traffic areas where a large number of people pass every day such as hotels, restaurants, cafés, shops, offices, boutiques ...

3.    Waterproof – if you spill water, it will not cause any changes to the floor and will not destroy it. 

4.    ModularT 7 influences the noise reduction in the room 2x better than a regular compact LVT flooring!

5.    100% recyclable – a sustainable flooring solution that can be fully recycled in a closed loop. In this way, we make our transition to a circular economy.

6.    ModularT provides optimum indoor air quality with low TVOC emissions.

This is especially important when you take into account that today we spend 90% of our time indoors.

7.    We chose a phthalate-free plasticizer, approved for food storage facilities, which can also be used for toys that children may put in their mouths. In this way we offer a comfortable and healthy flooring solution creating spaces that are cosy for people. 

8.    Easy cleaning and care. An additional surface protective layer prevents dirt from getting into the lower layers of the product and makes the floor cleaning and care much easier.
9.    10 structural layers for high performance: provide dimensional stability several times better than most products on the market.

10.    Thanks to such an innovative structure, it remains flexible enough for easy installation. How to install ModularT 7 can be found in the installation manual.



Wood patterns are timeless classics, fitting into almost all commercial and residential areas, in order to satisfy those fond of a classic look, but also those who love modern interiors.

Being trendy over years, wood with a pronounced brush effect creates the impression of a natural surrounding and brings warmth to the environment.

The colour palette of wood patterns is inspired by the Scandinavian minimalist style. The chamfers on the 4 sides of the board give a realistic look to the wood flooring.


Concrete is the latest trend in the design of modern rooms.

Ideal for creating urban interiors. Simple, yet with powerful impression. 

If you are searching for a way to provide your room with a modern style, try one of these floor designs that will provide the interior with the look you want. 

Due to the cold tone of the concrete, we recommend combining it with wood to make the environment more open. 

ModularT 7 offers modern concrete patterns in selected colour combinations, which can easily be combined with the three wood patterns of this collection. Different grey tones mixed with shades of brown and beige will be an ideal solution for urban design spaces.

Make the right choice with ModularT 7!

Download the brochure or explore the designs on the website:

Where can you buy a flooring?

At authorized Shops you can view LVT pattern samples and make inquiries about their prices.

If you would like to request a quote for your project, you can contact us here.