A private apartment

A private apartment

2020 | Belgrade, Serbia

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Due to its elegant design and technical characteristics, Tarkett LVT flooring was selected in the playing section of the children’s room. Its warmth, easy maintenance, as well as durability made it an ideal solution for this purpose. 

The thickness of this Tarkett LVT flooring is 2.5 mm; it is produced without phthalates and with a low VOC emission, in order to improve the indoor air quality.

Tarkett parquet, Oak Sepia design from the Tango Classic collection, was installed in the rest of the apartment. Architect Sonja Brstina opted for natural oak color because it matches perfectly with the walls of neutral colors and the plants in the apartment.

Tango Classic parquet collection features an extremely high-quality flooring and offers a great opportunity to give style to your own space, having the choice of six different wood designs. The parquet is treated with a special Osmo Hardwax oil that accentuates natural texture of wood, while Proteco Strong surface treatment enhances the floor resistance to wear and damage, thus making its cleaning easier. Quick installation, easy maintenance, possibility of installation over underfloor heating systems, comfort – all these are the characteristics of Tango Classic parquet. 

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The famous architect Sonja Brstina choose Tarkett parquet and LVT as the type of flooring in a modern, and, at the same time, warm apartment.

Designer/ Architect

Sonja Brstina