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Who we are

Tarkett is committed to offer the ultimate customer experience, designing flooring and sports surfaces solutions for the well-being of people and respecting the environment.
Serving a wide range of segments with a breath of products, we are dedicated to delivering excellence and generating value in innovation and sustainable ways.

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Tarkett in the world

Tarkett's balanced business model leverages its global scale.
    • 12500 employees
    • 24 research laboratories
    • 4 design
    • 7 recycling centers
    • 1 research and innovation
    • 34 industrial sites across the world
  • More than
    billion euros in net sales in 2016

    Balanced geographic exposure

    (incl. Sports)
    (incl. Sports)
    & LATAM

  • Sales in over

    million square meters of flooring sold every day
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Tarkett at a glance

For 130 years,
innovation, dedication to excellence, and a long-lasting
commitment to sustainability have made Tarkett a global leader
in cutting-edge flooring solutions, and sports surfaces for all market segments.


One of the broadest
product portfolios

  • Vinyl
  • Laminate
  • Linoleum
  • Rubber & accessories
  • Carpet
  • Artificial turf
  • Wood
  • Tracks

  • No. 1
    in vinyl worldwide

  • No. 1
    in artificial turf for sports fields worldwide
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Operational and Sales Excellence

Tarkett has been deploying World Class Manufacturing (WCM) since 2009, identifying and sharing best practices, ideas, and internal benchmarks.
Local and central teams continue to improve safety, work environment, customer service, quality, and competitiveness.

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“Our ambition remains to leverage WCM and people skills to become the reference in the industry in terms of safety and customer service.”

Antoine Prevost, Executive Vice President Operations

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“Tarkett focuses on becoming the easiest and nicest company to interact with.”

Gilles Lebret, VP Customer Operations

Customer experience

In the same way that Tarkett has been developing value-added flooring solutions for end users, the Customer Experience 2.0 program focuses on bringing simplicity to our business partners such as architects and designers, installers, contractors, and distributors and helps them grow their business.

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Addressing global challenges

  • Aligned with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Tarkett has been contributing for many years to five of them, deploying its 2020 sustainability roadmap throughout the entire organization.

  • Eco-design with good materials

    Tarkett focuses on selecting good materials for human health and the environment, and strives to improve indoor air quality and contribute to healthy spaces.

  • Develop circular economy models

    For Tarkett, a collaborative circular economy model is key to ensuring sustainable consumption and production, managing the end of use of products and transforming waste into high quality resources.

  • Combat climate change

    Tarkett is committed to combating climate change, through energy management in industrial sites and the use of recycled materials.

  • Develop entrepreneurial & social responsibility

    Tarkett's contribution stems from a safe and diverse workplace, encouraging dialogue, and engagement with local communities.

  • Foster stakeholder engagement

    As a reliable recognized leader, Tarkett is spearheading an industry-wide dialogue over responsible use of resources and sustainability.

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Embedded sustainability

Tarkett has been deploying a comprehensive sustainability strategy based on advanced “Tarkett Closed-Loop Circular Design”, and today is leading transformation within the flooring industry towards circular economy inspired by
Cradle to Cradle® principles.

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“It all starts with our customers. What inspires our holistic approach is people's health, well-being and quality of life on our planet.”

Anne-Christine Ayed
EVP Research, Innovation and Environment

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Contributing to
a circular economy

Tarkett is committed to the transition from a linear to a circular economy model, which consists of recycling resources in a loop from the design and production phases to later use and recovery stages.

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  • Committed to the transition to a circular economy.

  • Applying Cradle to Cradle® principles since 2011.

  • Dedicated to the UN's 10 principles and engaging suppliers to be as well.

  • Contributing to discussions on climate change, circular economy and the future of construction.

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Entrepreneurial & social responsibility

Tarkett has a history of strong entrepreneurial spirit, empowering people to express the best of themselves for a better tomorrow.

  • Tarkett Awards is an international recognition program that rewards employees’ contributions to the Group’s success.

  • Tarkett Cares is a volunteering program that mobilizes teams worldwide to help people live better, sharing their time and talents with the local communities.

  • Tarkett Academy is a program that trains installers and young graduates.

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  • Colorful designs, acoustic comfort, and easy installation are Tarkett Trademarks, making every room in the House envoyable living spaces.

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    Modularity and ease of installation drive the housing market.


    Tarkett offers products for every room in the house, dry and wet in all kinds of colors, patterns and formats to answer everyone's needs and tastes.

    Tarkett's Starfloor Click 55 luxury vinyl flooring comes in 28 exclusive designs with a professional fold-down click installation system, commercial—grade wear resistance, and a 20-year warranty.

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    Indoor Air Quality: Tarkett has vinyl flooring solutions with volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions that are 10 times lower than the strictest standards in Europe.

  • Modularity and ease of installation drive the housing market.

    Some references:

    • FRENCH POLYNESIA, Papeete, Renovation of social habitat — 5,000 sqm of heterogeneous vinyl
    • RUSSIA, Moscow, Renovation of apartment complex — 7,000 sqm of laminate
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  • From nurseries and schools to universities, Tarkett has expert knowledge of the educational space and offers a wide range of full solutions for a healthy, optimal learning environment.

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    Since 2010, over 116,000 metrics tons of carpet, LVT and waste have been reclaimed and recycled to date.


    Tarkett knows that quiet flooring in the right color can positively impact learning.

    The study that Tarkett led on children's perception of color and space, confirmed the impact of colors on creativity and concentration, and led to the development of four color emotion groups—Basic and Natural,Fresh and Optimistic, Cool and Calming, and Warm and Inviting.

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    Indoor air quality and well-being are key for both students and teachers.

    It is achieved with the low VOC(1) emissions below regulation and non-phthalate plasticizer(2) technology flooring offered in Tarkett's iQ, Tapiflex, Acczent, iD Inspiration, and Safetred ranges.

    (1) Volatile Organic Compounds
    (2) Except recycled content for some products

  • Since 2010, over 116,000 metrics tons of carpet, LVT and waste have been reclaimed and recycled to date.

    Some references:

    • REUNION ISLAND, Saint-Denis (Réunion), North High School — 5,000 sqm of heterogeneous vinyl
    • USA, West Lunn, Oregon, Trillium Creek Primary School — carpet
    • BELGIUM, Antwerp, Karel De Grote College — 8,000 sqm of vinyl and carpet
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  • Creative, sustainable flooring solutions for the workplace can also support people's efficiency and well-being by improving air quality, acoustics, and overall comfort.

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    A healthy, inspiring environment improves staff performance and productivity, reducing absenteeism.


    Tandus introduced ethos® backing, which uses the PVC alternative, PVB, a high-performance polymer recycled from disposed windshields and safety glass. Additionally, Ethos Modular is the first American modular carpet tile to be Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Silver.

  • Picto workplace


    In a connected world, where people work from anywhere, the workplace is changing. Its design is closer to home, more informal and relaxed with modular flooring and combined colors and materials.

  • A healthy, inspiring environment improves staff performance and productivity, reducing absenteeism.

    Some references:

    • GUIANA, Kourou, Renovation of Guiana Space Cencer — 6,000 sqm of heterogeneous vinyl
    • FRANCE, Paris la Défense, Allianz Office — 42,000 sqm of LVT and carpet
    • RUSSIA, Moscow, Offices in the famous Red October chocolate factory — 1,125 sqm of LVT
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Healthcare & aged care

  • Tarkett is a leader in helping care for people through comfortable, hygienic healing environments for staff and patients at hospitals and nursing homes.

    Picto healthcare

    1 hospital out of 2 in Europe is equiped with Tarkett flooring.


    In addition to ergonomic environments conducive to healing, Tarkett solutions offer top indoor air quality and hygiene, and provide walking, rolling and acoustic comfort.

    iQ One is a new generation of homogeneous non-PVC flooring that contains no plasticizers.

  • Picto healthcare


    Colors, light, and contrasts contribute to the well-being and safety for Alzheimer's patients.

    Tarkett has conducted an extensive study among medical doctors and Alzheimer specialists to understand how flooring influences patient behavior and mood in medical facilities.

  • 1 hospital out of 2 in Europe is equiped with Tarkett flooring.

    Some references:

    • TURKEY, Yozgat hospital — 100,000 sqm homogeneous vinyl
    • SOUTH AFRICA, Cape Town, Military hospital — 14,000 sqm of homogeneous vinyl
    • NEW CALEDONIA, Koné hospital — 10,000 sqm of homogeneous vinyl
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Stores & shops

  • From edgy boutique to mass-market chains, flooring plays a vital role in choreographing and enhancing the customer experience.

    Picto stores

    Good design can create a lasting impression on how people experience a space.


    Stores need to provide a unique experience that supports brand identity, improves the customer journey, and generates value.

  • Picto stores

    Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) are a perfect medium for playing with formats and colors. “Floor is the New Playground” is a new user- friendly site providing professionals with a gallery of photos for inspiration along with access to many flooring designs to play with formats, colors, and combinations.

  • Good design can create a lasting impression on how people experience a space.

    Some references:

    • UK, London, Marks & Spencer Oxford Street — vinyl
    • RUSSIA, different cities, Leroy Merlin shops — 5,150 sqm of homogeneous vinyl
    • USA, Denver, CO, NFL Denver Broncos store — custom rubber tiles
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Hospitality, travel & leisure

  • Tarkett helps hotels, restaurants and cultural establishments create exclusive experiences to build brand loyalty and grow their customer base.

    Picto hospitality

    Modular and custom-design solutions help create memorable spaces.


    Floors play a key role in building a unique, immersive experience.

    Launched in 2016, Collections InfiniesTM is a digitally printed luxury vinyl tile (LVT) featuring designs from five internationally renowned artists and a co-creation tool enabling architects and designers to personalize designs.

  • Picto hospitality


    Tarkett offers a onestop shop, from eco to high end hotels, with various flooring.

    Luminous flooring integrates Philips LED technology to greet, impress, and inform people in new ways.

  • Modular and custom-design solutions help create memorable spaces.

    Some references:

    • SPAIN, Barcelona, Hotel Catalonia Ainyó (PLAZA) — 2,000 sqm of LVT
    • RUSSIA, St. Petersburg, Hermitage museum — 5,200 sqm of homogeneous vinyl
    • CANADA, Alberta, Edmonton International Airport — Powerbond, carpet
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Marine, aviation, transport & industry

  • Tarkett is a major player in flooring solutions for the aviation, marine, automotive, bus & coach, and train industries.

    Picto marine

    Tarkett's multiple solutions meet the most challenging technical specifications.


    Tarkett offers an annual trend book and conceptual forecast for both the marine and aviation industries.

  • Picto marine


    Tarkett is broadening its marine portfolio with additional International Maritime Organization-certified materials in the carpet, vinyl and linoleum categories.

  • Tarkett's multiple solutions meet the most challenging technical specifications.

    Some references:

    • Ocean cruise ship, Koningsdam for Holland American Line — carpet
    • KLM flagship “World Business Class” cabin
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Sports & wellness

  • Tarkett strives to contribute to performance and safety in sports and leisure, indoors and out.

    Picto sports

    Tarkett has over 25 years of experience in artificial turf.


    Tarkett customization solutions allow indoor and outdoor branding on sports hall flooring and artificial turf, boosting team visual identity.

  • Picto sports


    Tarkett places a priority on innovation to deliver a differentiated experience for all users:

    • CoolPlay artificial turf
    • Rise-N-Run hydraulic tracks
    • GrassMaster® Hybrid turf
  • Tarkett has over 25 years of experience in artificial turf.

    Some references:

    • USA, Massachussetts, Gillette Stadium for Holland American Line — FieldTurf
    • ITALY, Milano, AC Milan and Inter Milan San Siro Stadium — GrassMaster® for pitch and FieldTurf for stadium surroundings
    • BRAZIL, Olympic games facilities (Media and press centers, the Athlete’s village and some operational areas) — vinyl