Trends for interior design for 2018
Trends for interior design for 2018

 Whether you are fully renovating your living space, or it is your wish to simply refresh it with new details and colours, it is inevitable that current trends will affect your choice. Your personal affinities and styles you are pursuing will largely determine the presence of certain trends in your home. Now, when we are already deep in 2018, we can safely say which current designs dominate the interior design.

1. Colour of the year - Indigo Blue

Colour which definitely paints 2018 is indigo blue. As opposed to gentle and pastel shades which have been present in the designer scene for many years, their exact opposite is trending – indigo blue, a colour leaning towards black, but still milder and more complex. Depending on the effect you wish to achieve in the space , it will also determine the manner and quantity of indigo blue in your home. Contrary to the opinion of the majority, dark colour may be a very elegant fit into your interior, but you should be careful, and use it in adequate quantities, e.g. by highlighting a certain wall in space, using various decorative details, even in the form of bathroom tiles or floor coverings. 

2. Pastel shades in the interior – “ice-cream colours”

As was the case in the previous years, pastel shades will again have their place in the list of trends for 2018. “Ice-cream colours” will be equally represented both in fashion and the interior. Be free and relaxed when choosing a colour for your home, in the same way you are relaxed when choosing your favourite ice-cream flavour in a pastry shop. With pastel shades, it is absolutely certain that you will not make a mistake in colour combination or that your interior will seem too colourful. This combination of colours is ideal for children’s rooms, and areas in which children spend most time. Gentle tones have a relaxing effect and encourage creativity in your children.

3. Nature and natural materials in the interior

Introduction of nature and natural materials in your homes will largely influence your life in such a space. Natural materials provide warmth and cosiness to your home, while the greenery provides the feeling of freshness and openness. The most popular and the most widespread of all natural products is definitely parquet, which raises the quality of your space and lifestyle to a whole new level. In addition to the natural look of wood, parquet is also perfectly comfortable for your feet.

Use of natural greenery, and details with green motives, is definitely one of the main trends this year. Designers say that you cannot exaggerate with plants in space. Each room should have some plant that will enrich the space, ranging from large floor plants to those descending down the shelves.

Green motives can also walk into your home in the form of wallpapers, various decorative elements, such as wall pictures, cushion covers, curtains, rugs, dinnerware, etc.

4. Geometric motifs

Geometric motives have so far only appeared in the form of details on decorative elements, but their presence is becoming more and more common. In addition to wallpapers with geometric motifs, tiles of various geometric forms are playing an ever-greater role in various interiors and provide a certain dynamic touch to space. But why limit ourselves only to walls when it is about creating a sense of dynamics and playfulness; why not transfer this play to the floor as well? 

In its range, Tarkett also has a completely new product which perfectly matches the leading global trends, and this is the Mixonomi collection from the LVT group of products. Mixonomi floor is available in several geometric shapes, and in a wide array of colours, and using it you can create a floor according to your personal taste and style. Let your imagination run wild, imagine your ideal floor and create using the unique Mixonomi collection. 



According to Patricia Leunis, Design Director of Tarkett, “interior spaces provide endless fun and creative possibilities”, and the Mixonomi collection is an ideal way to express your creativity.

5. Metal details

Metal details have always given a certain dose of elegance and sophistication to interiors, but this time, instead of pink gold and copper, the emphasis is on brass details. Auxiliary tables, decorative mirrors, lamps and furniture legs, will make your interior exude style and elegance. 

What is common for all these trends is that they highlight the experience of space. “When we integrate colours, patterns, textures, lights and lines, we are actually creating experiences”, says Patricia Leunis. Through creation of various experiences in the space in which we live, we simultaneously define our personal lifestyle.