2018 | Bucharest, Romania
Collections used

Stores & Shops

The Geberit shop went for Tarkett’s LVT flooring - the iD Square collection was the perfect choice.
EA Studio
Designer/ Architect

The Geberit store went for Tarkett’s LVT flooring. Considering the fact that it is a heavy-traffic area and that cleaning needs to be as simple as possible, the iD Square collection was the perfect choice. The floor is noticeable because of its size so it needs to be interesting and comfortable.

iD Square flooring shows excellent properties which are completely suitable for this type of area: highly resistant to stains, wear and scratches. It is available in as many as 50 designs and 7 formats, and it reduces noise levels by up to 15 dB. Maintenance is quite simple, and all the information on regular and periodic cleaning can be found in the brochure.

All the LVT flooring collections are suitable for creating imaginative and durable floors, which is why they are a frequent choice for larger areas, such as the Geberit store.