Family house

Family house

2020 | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Tarkett parquet, Salsa collection, which offers the largest and most diverse selection of parquet designs, was chosen for the family house in Sarajevo.

From light shades to deep colors, European species to the dark tones of the tropics, Salsa parquet offers an extraordinary variety of design possibilities and a choice of gloss, matt or oiled finish. 

Hardwearing, easy to clean, and scratch resistant, over the years the appearance will develop a unique personality that reflects your life style. But if after a period of wear and tear you want to recover the original look, you can just resend your multilayer wood floor, up to 4-5 times! 

The T-Lock locking system also make it very easy to install, remove and even reuse the parquet floor without the need for complicated tools. Tarkett parquet has a stable construction and a strong locking system with one of the most durable lacquers on the market. As a result, Tarkett parquet is characterized by high quality and performance.

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140 square meters of Tarkett parquet, Salsa collection, were installed in a family house in Sarajevo. In the pictures attached, you can see how Tarkett parquet blended into the rest of the interior.

Designer/ Architect

Alen Pekmez

Tarkett partner

Baudom doo